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Today there are affiliates to the IWA in 17+ countries. Most recent additions are an anarchist federation in Finland (SAL) and the Awareness League (a libertarian socialist organisation) in Nigeria (first ever affiliate of the IWA in Africa).

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    Any official decisions of the IWA related to this matter can only be taken at the Congress of the IWA. It is not possible, under the IWA statutes, for the CNT or any other Sections to convoke a refounding conference of the IWA without the approval, in Congress, of the entire IWA. 

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The I.W.A.was formed at the 1922 Berlin Congress of Revolutionary Unionist organisations. This congress had been convoked by the CNT and USI in response to the formation of the Red Trade Union International.

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Standing Committees

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Red Trade Union International Informations

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